Is Your Blog Read or Celebrated?

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Blogging is social which means:- If I’m writing and not connecting, I’m writing  for me and not for you. Since it don’t take much to write anyone can blog, but those who build blogs that have the attention of the audience connect to the crowd.

How do you build an audience?

Your blog is like a show at the theatre. You make your blog an event for the public, the content is magical, mysterious, historical or outrageous. You open up dialogue between characters (author and reader) and then provoke interaction between those that get mad and those that agree with everything.  There is no such thing as a play without an audience, and getting the audience attention is just as much the goal of the author as writing the script. So don’t waste your talent blogging without connecting to your crowd. Good material is not great, until the audience celebrates it.


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    Love it, great advice!

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