Stepping over the edge

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On the third day there was a wedding at Cana. Jesus was invited and they had run out of wine. His mother said to his servant,
“whatever he says unto you do it.” Jesus told the servant fill the water pots with water, Jesus turned the water into wine and then said to them, “draw out now and bare unto the governor of the feast called the bridegroom..then he said you have kept the good wine until now” (John 2:11-10).

Limits! some are limited financially others spiritually others physically. Limit’s are sometimes self imposed by what we believe about ourself, our ability or our God. Our beliefs limit our miracle and minimises the experience of others. Our intimidation limits our interaction. The tradition of the crowd mocks our ability to perform miracles and so nothing radical is accomplished and nothing that’s memorable is ever regarded as a miracle.

Heres are “10 Way’s to Breaking the Limits” and stepping over the edge, this year.

1. Challenge the limits others have set themselves and make a call to greatness
2. Narrow the zone of comfortability widen the zone of risk
3. Make yourself the topic of gossip. Online if you’re not gossipped about, you’re not saying anything
4. Challenge your own boundaries
5. Instead of having a great day every day, add a resurrection day every third day.
6. Instead of being the master of everything be a servant to the one
7. What you have given is a blog what you are about to give is revelation
8. Instead of writing blogs, pour out truth that others get drunk on.
9. Instead of pouring out water, pour out wine.
10. You keep the best to last but what you give away is always the best you have.

It’s your time for stepping over the edge.

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    Thanks Paul. This post really spoke to my heart.

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