Are you An Apostolic Recycling information Junkie?

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More and more people spend their day in the occupation of information, most of it is recycled and secondhand.

I visit apostolic groups on facebook each goup ask’s the same questions as other groups, debate the same issues and talk about the same well worn out-dated arguments. I think we’ve made the web an intellectual thrift estore, every apostolic I know has a franchise in the same brand. You open the door and you fall over a ton of recycled subjects, pre worn, well worn and worn out subjects. Don’t be offended I actually enjoy rummaging through well worn seconds.

However, (with a capital H). The end is coming, don’t believe me, then why are folks quiting and not bothering to come back to your page?. Maybe its time to reinvent the word “important!” Get out of the cycle of recycling and enter the business of building, Reset your goals not to provide information but, to save peoples souls. Create projects of significance that help solve a local problem, or build a group that solves a problem of the few rather than building a website to solve a problem for everyone called apostlic. Maybe your unique project will then grab attention. Other than that stay an intellectual apostolic junkie. I may still visit your site!.


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So called prophet….. Its time to quit beating around the bush talking the same thing over and over and over again havent we got something different to talk about other than how long your hair has to be, the antichrist and how bad the word is. If thats all your ministry is about, youre inthe wrong job, join the local news channel, you be good at it!.

Rehearing Issues that dont matter
Negative, junk stuff using God’s name to give it approval!

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