How do you measure your Life?

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The Book “How will you measure your Life” by Clayton M Christensen Got me thinking, That’s what Good books do. Here are some of my own thoughts on this great thought burner.

You can’t measure a life with your occupation. There are countless numbers of people who work yet what they do has no relevance or importance on the person they really want to be. Some things have to come together a knitting of purpose and everyday work only then can we begin to measure our life

You can measure life by the places you’ve gone, the mountains you’ve climbed or the thrills you’ve experienced during the journey.

Maybe you will measure life by the comfort you hope to have in retirement, the luxury you hope to live in and the finances you hope to have in order to live comfortable in your later years. To some then the measurement of life is only possible after one’s working days

You can measure your life by the achievement of a dream. Others measure their life by their destiny. I believe destiny is bigger than dream. A man’s dream has a finish point, whereas a man’s destiny has no finish line. If a dream stops, then that’s your dream. Destiny is bigger and it goes on forever because it involves other people, Its what you can make happened for them. Only then can you measure your dream. In this sense destiny cannot be measured for it goes on into eternity. Who knows? You wont! But your purpose gene rationally may be an indicator of what should be measured and what can never be measured

Again your destiny has a non stop finish point and cannot be measured. If purpose is eternal then you will never know the eternality of a thing. We measure success by things, stuff and ownership but purpose is unmeasurable. That’s what great men do they invest their purpose into generations that becomes so big that they can never really see whats behind them, the reward that’s ready for them or the mountains in between that demands everything they got.

How do you measure your Life?

……Maybe its in the trail you leave behind!

This is an excerpt from a book i’ve got coming out entitled “Getting  To Go!”


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