Connecting in Real Places

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Years ago, societies, groups and associations played a major part in British life, We love being a part of something be it a cause or a club, Why its in our “nature” to want to be part of something, whether its a cause to fight for, an association that gives us status, promotion or even education. Being part of something is life, everyday life!

Everyman needs some sort of community and I think a revival to these sort of offline clubs and communities will be forth coming. The Internet has become the place for communication, rather than just being the channel that inform’s us of those who have a desire to connect.

Allow me to elaborate.

made a physical world for man, not the web. God gave man physically
five senses to communicate and a nature and personality to express
himself to others, When man builds a relationship with others where he
cannot physically talk, see with his eyes in the flesh, hear others
talking with his ears, or be near them to touch, he cannot fully express
his personality or nature or effectively communicate his passion, the
result frustration and indeed emptiness,

web is there to connect me to you its not however the best tool for me
to build a relationship with you, be that social, professional or
personal. Maybe this explains why so many are unhappy and unfulfilled in
life for we have expected the web to provide for us something that’s
humanly impossible. That is satisfaction and fulfilment in life from
having quality relationships with others. It has for many become a
replacement social life that can only leave them empty.

the webs limitation, helps us to define expectations. Nothing replaces
human connection. Maybe if loneliness or emptiness is a reality to you
then seek to build bridges face to face with people, real life
connections. That’s where you were designed to be fulfilled, among
people!. So rather than discuss on your Facebook page, meet face to face
for coffee. Rather than connect with a group build a group meet up in a
local pub. Rather than talk via Skye chat at Starbucks. After all
fulfilment in life is gained from being with people face to face where
you can soulically, physically and emotionally connect through the five
senses. Apart from that we’re just online!


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