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How To Get From Thinking it To Living It!

Prepare yourself to be wealthy.
Mentally and fundamentally. By that I mean get rid of old worn out religious ideas that wealth is bad and illegal for you. Maybe you’ve grown up in church (literally) borrowing someone else’s mindset on how money would send you away from God.  Maybe you’ve grown up in a poor side of town where folks did not practice success but rather had a chip on their shoulder towards those that had it.

Weath is a belief, its a Doctrine You either ascribe to it or you dont!

Your have to be rich before you
have money. This is what I mean. Prepare yourself “fundamentally” get
the fundamentals right first. Make it your doctrine that wealth is
necessary and healthy. Believe in it, study how to get it and abide by
sound money principles to get it. That’s the mental part. If someone
gave you a million bucks tomorrow would you know how to use it to profit
or would you be like the lottery winners who get it one minute and
loose it the next? If you want a million you have to build a mind that
work with wealth before the pocket holds your wealth … Paul

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