Do you know “God” personally?

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He can and he must for a man’s salvation depends on it!

The apostle Paul said, “O that I might know him.” When travelling on a road as a Godhater and murderer of those of the name. He was struck to the ground by a light, the voice said, “Saul, Saul why are you persecuting me?”
Saul said, “Who are you Lord”
The voice from heaven replied “I am Jesus.”
That day his world changed, so did his name and his mission in life. He was then filled with the Holy Ghost, baptised in the name of Jesus and went everywhere preaching Jesus  (Acts 9:5,15-18 with 19:5 ).

The Lord God who he didn’t know, became that day, the Lord Jesus who he told everyone about. One God, one name and his name Jesus. With that in mind may I ask, do you know God Personally?


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