Church is Good, believe me..

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In a day where there’s much attack on the church I thank God for the church.

It keeps us sane even though we are often bothered by its problems.

It keeps us right in a world where everyone’s right except the church.

It keeps us holy when folks live like the devil and call ourselves “spirit filled!”

It keeps us humble even though we are proud and don’t want to admit it

It keeps us  focused in a world that has short attention spans and is overcrowded by too much

It give us shepherds who stick closer than brothers and without them we all be loners

It keeps us saved when through the week we’ve felt like pagan’s”

It gives us community when we could be in misery embracing hostility and heading into a lost eternity.

It gives us God!

…. Church is good, believe me. It’s why I believe in God and why I believe in You. Without either I may not even believe in myself. Church is good believe me!


  1. Brother James Avatar

    Interesting observation, my friend: is our belief in the Church an outgrowth of our belief in God’s children, our brothers and sisters?

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