Destiny, A Place Called Forever.

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Finding Life. Live involves moves, many of them. Shifting from temporal assignments and places and moving into the eternal. Of course there’s always that place which we call home or destiny. Ultimately both home and destiny have to unite somewhere and become the place we call home.
Destiny becomes the settling down place where we find friends we can live with forever, the assignment we can partake in forever and a mission we can build with forever.  Destiny is where the spirit of life is present in everything and the people around you add celebration to it.
Live there!

  1. Bishop O.W. Prince Avatar

    Hello my friend,I fear that I have missed several of your posts. I have been torn away from my passion but I am trying to carve out some personal space and time to pursue what I am driven to do. My passion to Minister Gods word is a craving that never ceases until it is feed or addressed. But at the moment, I am in survival mode. Remember me in prayer as I remember you always. You have produced another powerful post of truth and light. Keep looking up. ~Bishop

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