Pause! Put your Life on Hold.

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Put your life on Hold!

“What,” I can hear you say!

Put your life on hold and take a day to do the world’s least practiced pastime, taking a break.

The Internet wont self destruct because of your absence. You wont loose it all because you took out time time for you. In fact putting your life on pause helps you to reflect and gain a bigger picture of what you are trying to achieve in life. Putting your life on pause helps you correct, incorrect thinking. Putting your life on pause can help you dream the bigger picture and enable you to see a world unknown when you’re busy. Putting your life on pause can help your see that things you think about all day long are not the really important things at all. In fact that’s why life don’t change for many of us.we’re so busy addicted to doing normal things that the great things are never considered let alone created and embraced.

Your life began with a “pause,” then you were born. and if you want to start again with a new life you have to take another pause, a big one, then look out, the new you can emerge!

Pause… “think” about it


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