Brick Walls or Open Doors

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Is your work fulfilling or something you hide behind? is it an open door or is it a brick wall? Look at the picture and you will find its both. Open doors often have bricked up walls, opportunities have dead ends.

The place of safety is full of risk and you loose more by standing still and not facing the big world. The wall is there to unlock a new level of vision in you, without the wall you can never see anything new, without the wall, you have no world! The wall exist to show you whats beyond the immediate and familiar. Without the wall you never know whats in you that’s incredible.

Imagine living 20, 30, 40 years in an empty house, not knowing what existed out there for you in the real world. You could have been a successful business person, a millionaire a world traveller, a sportsperson. but you just sat there looking at the wall!

The wall is not your problem, the door is!


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