Bible Marketing. Who on Earth called God’s book the Holy Bible?

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Of course the error of calling
the Book of Jesus “Holy Bible”  has helped birth religion, which excuse
me saying was the intention of those who didn’t want Jesus to be the only

Northern Ireland, the crusades and of course the mother of all mothers,
religion itself!

Now If the bible was entitled “Jesus Christ” the folks would know Jesus wasn’t religious and Christians wouldn’t be blamed for wars,

The Term
“Holy Bible” just means “book of books!”. This of course has led to
others who have made their book the book of all books.

If “God” was all there was to religion then I’d go for it.

face it if the bible was my story I would call it, “Paul Thomas Down To
Earth” or something. The creators of the Bible didn’t call it “Jesus
Christ, Its All Up To Him” rather they called his story “Holy Bible.”
Now that’s a clever marketing strategy because now anyone can believe in
the bible and say they are Christian, which of course can means
anything from being born in England to being a non church goer who loves

For example we
have The Marketing Bible, Pinterest Marketing Bible, Bible For Dummies,
The Anti-ageing Beauty Bible, The Golf Marketing Bible, Beginning
Investors Bible, to the Pocket Pitching Bible. Which of course is a
great way to get anyone to follow your idea and mass market your
religion but of course, as things are copied so the original looses its
identity and you end up loosing sight of the very truth that was unique
in the first place.

you me, If you’re going to own a niche, own it! put your name on it.
Build your name, culture and religion around the name, If your name does
not stand out you’ll end up with everyone copying your religion and
book idea until your name is forgotten and their name becomes the brand
of religion everyone wants!


  1. Paul Avatar

    What would you have called the Holy Bible?

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