Barrier Breakers

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To reach any significant goal you must leave your comfort Zone (Hyrum W Smith).

When I was young I I was shy, I mean very shy. I kept myself to myself, so I spent my early years on a farm after school and enjoyed being alone. I felt the call of God to preach and thought nothing of the contrast that existed. shyness and preaching are opposites. In the natural it would be folly for me to choose a career out of sync with my disposition.

When I received the baptism in the Holy Ghost my life changed from the inside out. The second factor that changed me was the focusing on my strength and making my strength “preaching” my comfort zone. the zone I operate from everyday. Whenever I preach now, I’m comfortable, So for me the statement made by Smith was not exactly true. For me, to reach any significant goal I have to find my comfort zone, stay in it. then make it bigger! The challenge is not to quit the comfort zone but rather perfect the gift and that’s done by focusing on the one thing you do best in different environments and doing more of it!


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